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About Us

Zindagi ka Safar is all about journey of our generation’s life.

Our generation who is unaware  regarding some real facts of life.

As I realised that in today’s time, a few people are happy in their lives,& when  I tried to find the reason that why people are not happy , I came to know that they are unaware about  the cause of real happiness.Basically they are finding happiness in outer desires, which , if fulfilled may give happiness for sometime i.e.for some hours or days or so & then  their another desire starts.

So for all time happiness , the need to realise the real cause of happiness which is :-



Inside us mean here:-

-our own healthy life,
-peaceful life,
-happy life.

This is different perspective of life beside being money minded always. 

Now!! The purpose is to change our thinking which can be brought by all of us together.So that our society can be characterised by


            BLISS EVERYWHERE”.

It’s a high need to bring  some positive changes for the betterment of society. So let’s join our hands to move in this new direction….