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Life quotes


  • “Doing for passion is one of the best thing in life.”Passion
  • ” A warm smile brings positivity in one person’s life,so KEEP SMILING.”Keep smiling
  • “A human being must be enriched with consciousness, creativity and compassion to live a healthy , happy and peaceful life.”Being human
  • “Be the creator of your own destiny.”Create your own destiny.
  • “Take the charge of your life in your own hands.”Take the key of your life in your own hands.
  • “It’s not necessary to become great to  do great things , but one can do small things in a great way.”Do small things in great way.
  • “No work is small , the small is thinking.”
    No work is small , the small is thinking.
  • “If we want to get the best, then we must start giving our best.”

give your best

  • “Blessings have wonderful impact on everyone’s life, so try to collect more blessings.”Importance of blessings.
  • “Finding happiness in small things is a beautiful form of happiness. “


  • Money can’t make the status of the person, Character makes.”Life quotes
  • “Make your life simple.”


  • “Be courageous, Be mature, Be creative, Be responsible, Be happy, Be a mediator, Be yourself .”Positive thinking
  • “Do not underestimate yourself.”

be confident

  • “Life is like a Roller Coaster , the ups and  downs are normal , but we must love it , live it beautifully.”True life facts
  • “Prefer commitment over promise to become successful.”

successful person

  • “It’s more important to  become rich by heart than by money.”Life quotes
  • “A calm mind can face any challenge in one’s life.”Mind Relaxation
  • “Need to become a confident person.”Confidence
  • “It’s time to bring LOVE, HAPPINESS, LAUGH, BLISS, PEACE beside being money minded all time.”    life hacks
  • “A rich person is that who spends money on his own life’s comfort, rather than spends money to show off to others.”Real richness
  • “Be a learner.”Be a learner.
  • “Until  you are internally motivated, the external motivation can not give desired result.”Internal Motivation
  • “Be perfect yourself and everything will come to you itself.”be yourself
  • “No power can stop you from achieving your goal , if you have confidence on yourself.”confidence on yourself.
  • “Inner motivation is a big necessity today.”Inner motivation
  • “Nothing in this world is free of cost, so give respect and take respect.”Give and take policy.
  • “Life is full of  experiences and every experience teaches some lesson , so we must learn and implement those lessons.”life experiences
  • “Do good deeds to satisfy yourself.”do good deeds to satisfy yourself.
  • “Be the best version of yourself.”Be yourself
  • “First try to rise in your own eyes, before rising in any other person’s eyes.”Grow in your own eyes.
  • “Be energetic and give your 100% towards your goal.”Be energetic and give 100% towards your goal.
  • “Only reading is not enough , one must apply to make reading worthy.”

thoughts implementation

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