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Real Life Fact


This is one of the important aspects of real life. Please before making any conclusion about this article, read it till the end.

Money is not our end motive in life. Money is just a source to reach towards the main goal in life i.e. to live life happily and peacefully.

As we know,

1) We are earning money to fulfill our basic necessities of life which will provide the feeling of contentment and happiness too but here, fulfillment of basic necessities provide happiness i.e. by fulfilling the requirement of shelter,  clothes, food, but not money because here money acts as a medium to fulfill the basic necessities of life.

So, why we think that money is everything.

2) We all are running for money to fulfill our status symbol. Though money can’t make the status of the person, Character makes the status of a person.

 Life quotes

3) We must not focus on earning money only, but also on our good health, our peace of mind, our happiness, our family time as the family must be the topmost priority, as we are earning money for our family security but on another side we are neglecting them at the time of need by focusing on earning money only.

There is one more perspective that anyone can happy with lots of money for some time in life, not for the whole life.

So, we must earn money till our mind is not upset, our health is not affected, our peace is not disturbed. So, let’s make a balance in our lives to live happily and peacefully…

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